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Support Justice for Janitors 

Support Justice for JanitorsAs companies in New England have been enjoying a rebounding economy, working families have been struggling. Amidst a growing economic divide, and a shrinking middle class, 14,000 janitors in New England are standing up to fight for good, full-time jobs. The janitors' current contract expires on September 30th.

These are janitors that clean buildings in the region’s leading industries—including financial services, biotech, commercial office space, higher education, health care, and transportation and tourism—yet they struggle to keep their families out of poverty with part-time jobs and lack of health care. 

Because when workers stood up for good jobs they were met with illegal threats and intimidation, they have voted to authorize a strike if necessary to protest those unfair labor practices.

Janitors in Boston earn as little as $56 a day. Many are forced to work two or three jobs just to survive and must rely on taxpayer-funded state programs for healthcare for their families because they are denied the opportunity for full-time work which would provide health coverage.   

Sign the petition to support New England's janitors campaign to win:

Fair Wages – that can lift workers out of poverty and generate economic development in the poorest communities where they live

Full-Time Work – One good job that allows workers to spend time with their families

Healthcare Benefits – A great many janitors rely on taxpayer-funded state programs for healthcare for themselves and their families, which means the public effectively subsidizes these powerful firms

Value and Respect – Workers deserve fair treatment, a safe working environment, reasonable workload, training opportunities, a dignified retirement, and just recognition of their years of service