Service Employees International Union Local 615


Good Jobs at the MBTA Are Good for Our Community!

Almost 30 percent of the contracted janitors who clean MBTA stations and facilities may lose their jobs as a result of extreme and unprecedented cleaning cuts which the MBTA is considering. Not only would almost 100 jobs face elimination, but public transit riders will surely see, feel and smell the effects of dirtier stations.

The proposed cuts would eliminate an estimated 30 percent of the MBTA’s cleaning staff, reducing it from the current level of 315 janitors to 225 janitors next year.

Certain work areas, which include much of the Red Line and the Silver Line, would experience layoffs of almost 50 percent of janitors; and the proposed cuts would disproportionately eliminate full-time jobs that provide health coverage.

Sign the petition to oppose extreme cuts to cleaning services at the MBTA and to stand up for good jobs.